Mark McKenzie: Consistency, Family, Faith, And Serving Others

Episode 7

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Jeff Bond

Jeff is the Co-Founder and Lead Producer of Chat With Leaders Media. Their mission is to help purpose-driven business leaders cultivate authentic relationships with key stakeholders, scale revenue, and maximize social impact through amazing podcasts and content marketing. His vision is to elevate socially responsible businesses as a force for good that sustains our bright future. Jeff lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife Katie, and 3 beautiful children.

Chat Guest

Mark McKenzie is one of Three Brothers that owns and operates Docqmax Digital Printing, Atlanta’s Business Printer since 1975. Mark is passionate about his role as a partner along with his responsibilities of being the face of Docqmax, networking, business development, and marketing for his company. Mark’s unique ability and a knack for helping others connect with business opportunities and his giver’s gain attitude has not only benefited his company but his clients and prospects over the years as well.

In 2003, the brothers decided to purchase a commercial building in West Midtown and consolidate their three locations to better serve their clients with automation and technology. In doing so this has also led them into real estate investment opportunities. Mark is a founding member of the West Midtown Business Alliance and has served as an Advisory Board member with the Alliance. Also, he currently serves on the Membership Committee and Co-Chairs the Golf Committee at the Buckhead Club.

One of the things that Mark is most passionate about is his participation as the Co-Chair of “Golf for the Kids” annual charity golf tournament now in our 14th year. This event benefits the cancer center at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. What is most important about this tournament is that a major portion of the funds raised is earmarked for the purchasing of a therapy dog to be entered into the Canines for Kid’s program at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Mark is married to Lynn Wilson and together they have two wonderful children, two grandchildren, three dogs, and three grand dogs.

Chat Highlights

  1. What does “servant leadership” mean to Mark
  2. Mark has often been said to be one of the most well-connected people in the Atlanta business community. Mark humbly responds and discusses what he’s done that has likely led to this impression.
  3. What have you been doing to lead faithfully and positively through the coronavirus crises?
  4. Was there a tipping point or a moment of awaking in your life that helped you define your purpose to serve others with facilitating connections in such an intentional way?
  5. Mark discusses the importance of waking up every day with the intent to make yourself and the people around you better. He had a near-death experience and realizes that our time on this earth is fleeting and discusses how we can live more intentionally to make a difference as leaders.
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Episode 7