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Episode 95

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Jeff Bond

Jeff is driven to empower purpose-driven leaders through impactful media, celebrating workplaces as catalysts for positive change. As CEO of Chat With Leaders Media and Executive Partner of the People-First Elevation Team, he specializes in stakeholder-focused content and transforming all-hands meetings for inclusivity among distributed teams. Jeff co-hosts 'Chat With Leaders' and 'The People Experience Pulse' podcasts, amplifying impactful narratives. With a dedication to Conscious Capitalism, he collaborates to rally purpose-driven leaders for collective growth. Rooted in Christian faith, Jeff finds strength in family values as a husband and father of three. Join him in shaping purpose-driven futures to elevate humanity.

Glynis Lee serves as the Vice President of Inclusion, Community, and HR Technology, responsible for accelerating and actuating a world-class inclusive culture at Infor, LLC.  With her deep background in technology transformation, program, and project management – she has been able to inject an action-oriented approach to inclusion and community, focusing on systemic process transformation to interrupt bias and infuse inclusive behavior as a natural and organic component of the company culture.

Glynis’ career spans over 20 in leading complex IT service delivery organizations and overseeing strategic technology transformation efforts in private, government, and academic, and global organizations.  She has focused on the selection, implementation, and management of ERP systems supporting back-office operations, particularly in Human Resources and Finance.  She transitioned to an HR leadership role several years ago, leveraging technology to facilitate cultural transformation.  

A graduate of Rutgers University with a BS in Business Economics, and an MBA in Management Information Systems, she holds her PMP certification, and certificates in Executive Leadership, High-Performance Leadership, and Diversity & Inclusion from Cornell University.

A native of New Jersey, Glynis now lives outside Atlanta, GA with her husband, 2 children, and granddaughter.

What you’ll learn

  1. What shaped Glynis’ view that corporate social responsibility is so much more than writing checks.
  2. Why she felt called towards leading inclusion and diversity initiatives as a business leader.
  3. Why it is important for Glynis as a leader of her family, business, and community to teach the importance of open-mindedness and listening to opinions outside your own beliefs.
  4. Ways in which Glynis would guide us to better navigate conflict resolution and challenging conversations in the workplace.
  5. How business leaders can use their influence to promote more cohesion and tap into the strengths of all 5 generations of people who are currently serving in the workplace.

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Episode 95