How Intentional Are You About Your Job Search?

Looking for a job in the 21st century is incredibly hard given the stiff job candidate competition and thousands of disparate job sites to sift through.

Given the noise and the “black hole” effect of deploying applications all over the internet, the element of experiencing authentic human-to-human contact can be stripped from the entire front end process for both the job seeker and hiring authorities. For specific statistics around the ineffectiveness of online job seeking, read What Color Is Your Parachute, by Richard Nelson Bolles (link found in Career Resources For A More Effective Job Search).

Given this modern-day reality, when job-seeking, we must ask ourselves the question “what can I do differently to stand out from other candidates?”

The truth of the matter is we can only control our own choices and actions. Therefore, it’s a great time to be more self-accountable when job seeking by starting with some introspection and careful planning to center our intentions around our passions and giftedness. To find happiness in your next career move, make sure you know where you want to go before you start leaving your destination to chance.

Where Do I Start?

In this brief video, I walk through some ways you can take action TODAY to start being more intentional and self-accountable to creating better outcomes while taking necessary steps towards more authentic human connection with the right hiring authorities. I hope it helps you re-think your search strategy and implement some minor changes that will make a huge difference in reaching a positive career destination.

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