Career Resources For A More Effective Job Search

Time to make a career move?

This is a huge life decision that ought not to be taken lightly. I’ve learned it’s important to breathe, pray, re-acclimate yourself to your God-given gifts, and know that you are in the driver’s seat to reach your next destination of a better opportunity!

Thankfully, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to traverse this fire of adversity multiple times and make it through to the other side having sustained battle scars and inheriting many lessons learned. Additionally, as a former talent acquisition and recruiting professional, I’ve been fortunate to coach hundreds of job seekers through their transitions while helping to empower them to think differently about how they’re differentiating themselves as the unique, talented person they are. Regardless of unemployment rates or any uncontrollable circumstances, it’s imperative to be intentional, humble, accountable, strategic, and persistent towards the outcomes you desire.

I have included links below to some of my favorite, and most instrumental resources I’ve personally leveraged in order to help you hone the craft of navigating a career transition like a pro.

Godspeed! You’ve got this!

Some of my favorite career resources

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