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Episode 164

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Jeff Bond

Jeff brings over two decades of business consulting expertise in strategy, media, people, technology, and marketing. As CEO of Chat With Leaders Media and Executive Partner at People-First Elevation Team, he excels in crafting inclusive, engaging content for diverse teams. His work as a co-host on 'Chat With Leaders' and 'The People Experience Pulse' podcasts showcases his commitment to servant leadership and human-centered business principles.

A University of Georgia Bulldog at heart, Jeff’s dedication to continuous learning shapes his collaborative leadership style. He is a proponent of Conscious Capitalism, focusing on stakeholder-oriented strategies for sustainable business growth and positive community impact.

Jeff's team stands out in their ability to boost employee and customer engagement for business clients. They excel in human-centric production management and prioritize building strong relationships with stakeholders, recognizing them as the lifeblood of organizations.

Off the clock, Jeff is a dedicated husband and father in Atlanta, GA. Connect with him to explore how his experience and passion can benefit your organization.

Mike Morris is a Vice President in the Business Consulting group at EPAM. He leads the Atlanta-based consulting team and has responsibilities across multiple clients.

Mike has over 24 years of consulting experience, having started with Andersen Consulting (Accenture). He enjoyed 15 years with North Highland, where he led the Atlanta office and served as Group Vice President. Mike also was the co-founder and CEO of Broadgreen Solutions, which he led from 2015 up through the integration of the Broadgreen team with EPAM in 2020. Broadgreen Solutions was a Certified B Corp, which gave away 10% of its consulting time to non-profits and social entrepreneurs.

Mike’s consulting career has allowed him to work with CTOs and CIOs on strategic technology programs, help business executives refine their strategies and processes, and drive successful execution of large-scale change initiatives.

Mike is currently on the board of directors for Hands of Love USA and High Tech Ministries. As an active leader in the Atlanta community, Mike was a member of Leadership Atlanta’s Class of 2012 and High Tech Ministry’s Ambassador leadership development program. Mike previously served as President of the Notre Dame Alumni Club of Atlanta, board member of the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), and as an advisory board member for Career Spa. Mike graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a B.A. in Economics and Political Science. Mike and his wife Kendra live in greater Atlanta with their three children. In his free time, Mike enjoys cooking, travel, trail running, and backpacking.

Chat Highlights

  • Why did you come to the decision to found Broadgreen Solutions as a certified Benefit Corporation and give away 10% of your consulting capacity to non-profits, social entrepreneurs, and B Corps?
  • As a B-Corp, what did you find were the greatest advantages as it related to your mission as well as your for-profit objectives for the company?
  • How did you identify your purpose fund clients, and choose which projects to work on pro-bono?
  • What questions do you still have today about how to have the greatest impact as a certified B-Corp?
  • What possibilities would you imagine there being if more for-profit companies made the same kind of commitments to pro-bono work with a meaningful social impact?

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Episode 164